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Slow Down, Deep Breath | Stowe Magazine

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Getting a handle on the wedding-planning process

Slow Down, Deep Breath

Article by Nancy Jeffries-Dwyer for Stowe Weddings

Congratulations… you’re getting married! This is truly an exciting time in your life. You immediately run out and purchase five or six glossy wedding magazines and spend endless hours searching online wedding sites and Pinterest pages, and reading wedding blogs for inspiration. Suddenly, at every turn you notice everything that even whispers “wedding.” After a few weeks of this, you’re beginning to wonder if you’re becoming obsessed with thoughts of creating the perfect wedding. As the initial glow of your engagement turns into an overwhelming sense of panic, you begin to wonder how you’ll pull it all together. Don’t worry. You can rekindle your sense of joy in planning your wedding, while maintaining your sanity…


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Time is of the essence.
Planning early promises the best vendors at the best prices and limits stress. Let's talk today!